Believing and investing in the empowerment of Indigenous Girls for development

Published: May 26, 2022

Since we started Cardamom Global, we had clear that our vision is to reduce poverty in Guatemala by investing in people and by being transparent in every way we do business. We believe that empowering the youth of Guatemala with education is key in order for the country to develop to its full potential. We also know that to achieve this, we cannot do it alone. That is why we have decided to join forces and commit to investing in MAIA.

MAIA is an organization based in Guatemala focused on working with and for Indigenous girls, whom they call “Girl Pioneers.” Through access to education, socioemotional development, and empowerment, these young women are breaking cycles of poverty and exclusion, and in doing so, they are transforming their lives and those of their families and communities.

Overcoming the challenges of reality

According to data from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in Guatemala, 62 percent of the country’s population lives in poverty, and the average of schooling is 4 years in total. MAIA’s data shows that nearly 80 percent of the Indigenous population lives below the poverty line. 

In this Central American country, fewer than 20 percent of Indigenous girls will graduate from secondary school, and fewer than two percent continue on to university. Further compounding this problem is the severely substandard Guatemalan education system. Even when families can and do invest in the promise of education, the school system is failing them. Moreover, predictable cycles of early and frequent pregnancy create shackles of intergenerational poverty and exclusion that have kept this talent on the sidelines for centuries.

Joining forces

We learned about MAIA a few years ago. We have seen the impact of their work and we want to join in creating transformational change.

“MAIA is an organization that is empowering young girls to have the opportunities all Guatemalans deserve but that unfortunately very few have. It is important for us at Cardamom Global to help organizations that empower and educate our next generations, as they will be the solution to many of our country’s problems. One of the reasons why we love MAIA is because they are demonstrating day by day that every Guatemalan, no matter if you come from a rural or urban area, is capable of developing the necessary skills to compete with anyone in the world. We believe that with our investments, we will help MAIA achieve some of its goals, and we hope we can be of much more help in the future.”

Daniel Girón, Founder of Cardamom Global

We have committed to investing in MAIA’s initiatives and Girl Pioneers. We also want to support MAIA in achieving its 4 goals because “we believe that with this commitment we will help MAIA achieve some of its goals and we hope we can be of much more help in the future.”

To support and learn more about MAIA, go to and follow them on instagram and facebook. Every purchase you make will support our commitment to MAIA and Girl Pioneers.