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We are dedicated to brokering and trading the finest green Cardamom worldwide. Our top priority is ensuring the highest quality, and we take pride in sourcing this spice directly from Guatemala.

By cultivating strong relationships with exporters from Guatemala, we guarantee that our customers receive Cardamom directly from the source, efficiently and effectively. These close partnerships allow us to streamline the process, delivering Cardamom to our customers in a prompt and reliable manner.  


Depending on the development of the plantation, after two years the production trial begins with peak ripening months from September to March.

Harvesting at the correct stage of maturity is essential to produce high-quality cardamom. The harvesting process is a subtle yet labor-intensive hand picking process. Once the raw Cardamom pods are mature, highly skilled and experienced workers start to pluck them by hand. 

Cardamom Categories

At Cardamom Global, we prioritize building strong relationships with exporters to offer our customers a wide range of cardamom categories. Our selection includes whole cardamom pods, MYQ (Malabar, Yellow, and Quality), husk, ground, and seeds. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our clients’ specific needs, ensuring that they receive the precise type of cardamom they desire.


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