About Us

At Cardamom Global, our primary goal is to excel in the trading and brokering of the highest quality cardamom, known as the Queen of Spices. To ensure this quality, we establish strong relationships with exporters from Guatemala and traders as well as industrial companies in Europe and the Middle East. By sourcing the spice directly from the origin, we guarantee its authenticity and freshness.


Our Team

                      Arturo Giron


                  Juan Manuel Andicoechea


                              Daniel Giron


                                   E: daniel@cardamomglobal.com
                                   M: +31 (0) 6151 85846

Mission & Vision

From the inception of Cardamom Global, our focus has been on establishing ourselves as a premier global broker and trader in the green cardamom industry. We aspire to lead the way and set the industry standards by providing exceptional brokering services.

As the driving force behind Cardamom Global, our Guatemalan roots have given us a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges. With a strong determination to drive change, our goal is to create equal opportunities through our brokering activities.

With an unwavering commitment to prioritizing people, we strive to be a catalyst for fresh ideas and innovative solutions in the industry. Our overarching mission is to reduce poverty in Guatemala by establishing ourselves as the most transparent and trustworthy green cardamom broker and trader, consistently maintaining integrity in all our business dealings.